Safety & Quality


Maia & Borges, SA. has always been guided by seriousness and trust in contractual relations, treating everyone as family, which is the root of the business.

In August 2019, on its own initiative, Maia & Borges, SA. Submitted to a social responsibility audit, which analyzes the participation and protection of workers, the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining, non-discrimination, fair remuneration, decent working hours, safety and health at work , precarious work, forced labor, environmental protection and the company's ethical behavior. It was approved with the level "A - Very Good", that is, it does not need to be followed by the audit given the very satisfactory levels and in compliance with the law in question. And this is a source of great pride.

As a toy manufacturer, this company has a special responsibility with regard to children, so all materials used are non-toxic, as well as the shape and size of our products are always developed taking into account the EN71 toy safety standard.

The quality and safety of the final products are the essential elements that characterize Maia & Borges, SA. since its beginnings as a toy manufacturer. In this sense, the manufacturing process is characterized as meticulous and highly careful.

In 2023, we emitted 191 tons of CO2e (direct emissions, scope 1) and 146 tons of CO2e (indirect emissions, attributable to purchased electricity, Scope 2). We are committed to continuously reducing our CO2e emissions.




Maia & Borges, SA. constantly watches over the company's Quality and Efficiency, remembering the principles of Sustainability.

In this way, we dedicate a constant effort to maintain this mission. Thus, the organization is currently working to obtain the ISO 14001 Certificate, after having successfully achieved the ISO 9001 certification.

With the support of the Research & Development, Maia & Borges maintains a progressive evolution, innovating in whatever area he works, such as the use of new painting techniques (water-based paints) and the manipulation of new materials and compounds for the purpose of creating the figures.

In addition to this, the organization is also striving to comply with the new Sustainability Criteria (ESG) launched by the UN.
The objectives to be fulfilled are:


  • Climate change and emission reduction
  • Rational use of water
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reforestation
  • Waste management
  • Circular economy


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Gender equality and diversity
  • Support for vulnerable social groups and social assistance
  • Health and safety
  • Community Contributions
  • Training
  • Human Rights


  • Corporate governance system
  • Remunerations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Responsible supply chain/supplements
  • Compliance system